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Thrillist Names The 1881 as “One of The Best Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now”

There are so many fantastic restaurants in San Francisco that “Where should we eat tonight?” is the No. 1 argument hangry couples have on Friday evenings. Luckily, we’ve put together this rundown (not ranking!) of our favorite restaurants in the city. Start at the top to find the best restaurants that opened this past winter — and we can’t get enough of.

Then keep scrolling to find the Best of the Best, a section devoted to the most mouthwatering places to eat in San Francisco (new or old) at any given time — you know, those go-to spots you can always happily suggest that never fail to satisfy. This will prevent all hunger-induced spats between the people of San Francisco, and for that, we can all be thankful.

Best Restaurant in San Francisco
The 1881 at the Mansion on Sutter

The 1881 at the Mansion on Sutter

Lower Pacific Heights

Pretend like you live in a Victorian-era mansion while dining on California-French cuisine
Stepping into The 1881 feels like stepping back in time to, well, 1881. And that’s when the Victorian mansion was built. The restaurant is housed in several rooms across the first floor of the Mansion on Sutter, a luxurious hotel inside of the Payne Mansion. The a la carte menu showcases indulgent California-French cuisine, like a roasted pheasant with black truffle purée and a confit pork belly with squash-filled cappelletti. Not surprisingly, dinner at The 1881 is on the more expensive side (entrees are mostly in the $40 range), and feels like more of a special occasion meal, but we plan to beat the system by spending lots of time in the bar drinking fantastic cocktails and eating the daily selection of perfectly chilled oysters, which truly are some of the best oysters we’ve ever eaten in our entire life.

Source: Thrillist

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